Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Wish/I-know-I'm-Getting-It-Cause-I-Picked-It-Out List

Hello Beautiful Ladies!!

I just wanted to share with you guys a few things that I know I'm getting for Christmas and a few things that I really want for Christmas! Maybe this will help you formulate your wish list or give you some ideas for friends!

Let's start with the things I know I'm getting because....well, I asked my mom for them and she told me to order it! haha So, here goes!

-Iwata Revolution HP-CR Airbrush
Guess what this will be used for? AIRBRUSH MAKEUP!!! So exciting!! haha I've been researching this for months! I already own a compressor and a different airbrush that I use for cookie decorating, so I will use the same compressor, but obviously this airbrush for makeup and the other will remain for cookie decorating purposes. I wouldn't want to paint my face with food coloring....that stuff

- Dinair Foundation in "Vanilla", "Olive Beige", and "Natural Beige" .25 oz. each

I have researched the foundations as well and I felt as though Diniar's foundations were moderately priced and would work well with my skin. Not to mention the fact that they INVENTED airbrush makeup. lol This foundation is not water proof, and is water based, so we will see how it works out! I'll be sure to let you guys know!

- Dinair Blush in "Peach Pink" .25 oz.
It doesn't look very pink in this picture, but it's the only one I could find. I don't have the guts to try airbrush eyeshadow and all just yet. I figure I'll get the basics down with foundation and blush before I move onto the more difficult areas. Oh, and I chose the smallest sizes of each just in case I don't like it..that way I don't waste like $ one wants to throw money away...especially when I have books to buy for next semester...yay! I just can't wait...

-$50 Gift Card to Ulta! My mommy knows me way too well! haha she told me..I think she was excited..When she bought it may very well have been the first time she stepped foot in a makeup store. My mom is a minimalist...she wears mascara, on days she feels like dressing up. lol I love her to death! Sometimes I wish I were like that...I would have alot more money, that's for sure! haha Anyways, on with the list!

OK, on to the things I WANT, but doubt I'll get! haha

- Urban Decay Book of Shadows III
I really liked the Alice in Wonderland Palette, but isn't available anymore except for people selling it on amazon and ebay for like $100 on up...sorry..not worth but this one is retails for $54! Maybe that Ulta gift card? haha I LOVE Urban Decay's eyeshadows. They have amazing pigmentation, the colors are gorgeous, what is not to like? Well..ok, my only complaint would be that I don't like the packaging of the eyeshadow primer potion..too hard to get every last bit of product out. I feel like it would be much better if it came in a squeeze tube, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance...ok, anyways..I want this palette.

- NYX lip pencils
I'm not sure exactly what colors, but from the reviews I have read they are a great product for the price. I currently only own ELF lips pencils and they aren't my favorite. I would like something more creamy, which I have read that these are great! 

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
I wish I could own all of them! The are just so much fun! I love all the bright colors. I own 6 of them right now, but I'd love to own a few more colors. They work really well as an eyeshadow base to add some more color and help your shadow stay on...

Well friends, I think that is about it. I'm sure there are many other things I would love, but I don't have time to type them all out. My Psychology book and caffeine are calling my name. My last final is tomorrow! I'll be posting much more over Christmas Break!  

            Until then, Merry studying and Happy Caffeine!
                                                                            <3 Lindey

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  1. So many nice gifts!
    A makeup airbrush no way - thats so cool!
    Merry Christmas! <3