Monday, December 13, 2010

Ruby Red Nails for the Perfect Christmas Homecoming

Hey Girls!
Doesn't this color just make you happy?! It's GORGEOUS!!! 

This color is called, "The Show Must Go On". It is from OPI's new Burlesque Collection. 

So, I am an army girlfriend as some of you may know. And obviously this entails not seeing your loved one for long stretches of time. This time it has been about three months : ( BUT, He gets to come home for Christmas this year! : )  So, when I see him I want to look perfect from my hair to my toe nails. haha 

He has mentioned before that he loves when I wear red nail polish. So, THIS is the polish I have my sights set on wearing when I see him again. haha I think it looks like Dorothy's ruby slippers, but on nails. It's so pretty! I plan on making a trip to a beauty store in the next couple days to pick it up! I'll definitely post some pictures for you guys! 

You can also find this nailpolish on Amazon. Here is the link. I would buy it off here, but I don't have time. He comes home in one week! I'm so excited and I'm sure he will love my ruby red slipper nails. ; )

Lot's of love and hot red nails,
<3 Lindey

(You guys may think I'm a little crazy for having a nail color picked out to wear when he comes home, but trust me, when you have three months to think about how to make two weeks perfect you think of every last detail. lol )

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